‘Put away the hosepipe and trust Eva’s Garden Design to do your watering for you with automatic regular watering using an effective irrigation system. There is no easier, more cost-effective way to beautify your garden landscape and ensure it gets the right amount of water it needs, when it needs it, and no more. In fact, a professionally installed irrigation system is one of the best investments that you can make!‘
A professionally designed and installed landscape effortlessly enhances the natural beauty and value of any home or commercial property and although the advantages of having plants around us are many – the environmental and financial benefits of effectively maintaining a healthy landscape are just as important.
Careful watering is arguably the most vital component in ensuring your plant life thrives but it can become quite time consuming to have to manually water everything accordingly by hand several times a week.
A water-efficient landscape produces healthier plants, reduces your water consumption significantly and saves you hours of work and precious time allowing you to simply sit back and enjoy a beautiful thriving landscape that benefits the environment and your pocket!
Plants planted in their habitual environment thrive naturally because they have developed especially to cope with the local conditions, are for more resilient and require less or little water. Read more
The benefits of a tailor designed and professionally installed irrigation system:
Saves you water by dramatically reducing consumption by up to 60% more water than traditional watering methods.
Saves you money by significantly reducing high watering costs and ensures your plants live longer with just the right amount of water they need to thrive.
Saves you time and effort by automatically doing all the watering for you!
Irrigation services:
system design and installation:Ahead of any installation our team will conduct a site survey to see to it that your new irrigation system waters right by taking into account, plant life, soil types, sun and shade conditions and the general topography of your landscape.

We will then design a system customised to suit your landscapes exacting needs allowing you the peace of mind knowing that dependant on requirements, the entire landscape or specialised feature areas are watered efficiently. Professional installation will further ensure your system’s performance and longevity.
Initial adjustments: After we run the initial activation through your new irrigation system we will make sure your irrigation system works efficiently. Any additional adjustments required will be made to ensure your landscape is evenly covered, that all your plants are watered according to their needs and no more.
Seasonal adjustments: By checking your settings periodically and further adjusting your irrigation system as the seasons and weather change which will allow you to take full advantage of nature’s free watering service.
Service checks: Built-in irrigation systems require maintenance and time, our team will assist with routine system inspections on water distribution, water pressure and system elements to ensure everything is operating correctly and efficiently at all times.
In addition to these services we further leverage additional water-efficient landscaping practises such as indigenous plant selection and clever zoning of plants according to the amount of water they need as well as ground control and drainage solutions to prevent any run-off and water wastage and rainwater harvesting solutions to additionally conserve and recycle water.