About Us

With over 28 years of industry rich experience in residential and commercial sectors, Eva’s Garden Design has long earned a reputation in redefining the art of landscaping and exceeding expectations with service excellence, quality workmanship and delivery.

As a privately owned business we boast an extensive work force of dedicated professionals and pride ourselves in providing the level of expertise, full service offering, creative design application and best practices in green landscaping needed to truly enhance the space, natural appeal and architectural style of any home or business premises.

Not only are we flexible and able to work directly with private owners or alongside architects, designers and contractors but we have the capacity and experience to model a variety of different site plans and handle all types of projects.

Over the years Eva’s Garden Design has developed sound partnerships with industry professionals and reputable suppliers to ensure that the full potential of every project is reached and that all of our clients’ needs and expectations are met with only the highest standards of workmanship, value and expertise.

Our esteemed client base includes proud home and estate owners alike to discerning corporates, property developers and contractors with property stakes across the greater Sandton area, surrounding suburbia and nationally.