Tight ON space?

Space optimisation
‘Whatever your space limitations - Eva’s Garden Design will help you transform any confined space far beyond the expected with an array of lifestyle enhancing solutions from innovative roof top and vertical garden designs, indoor and outdoor atriums, stylishly stacked planters to ornate hanging pots and more
In today’s world urban dwellers in high-rise apartments, townhouses and condos are more often than not confronted with limited space making it seemingly impossible to accommodate the lush greenery of garden landscaping associated with sweeping borders and expansive acres. The good news is that even a tiny space can be full of potential and needn’t be limiting at all, in fact you’d be surprised how much you can get out!
Be it a petite courtyard or miniature garden, balcony, deck, awkwardly shaped roof space or even a blank concrete wall -with our keen eye for design and our sense of style together with the perfect composition, the right materials and plant selection we’ll show you how less can be much much more.