“Whether you’re looking for a professional service to set the tone and continued experience of your dream garden landscape or enhance your business premises, Eva’s Garden Design is here to assist with a complete range of specialised services and solutions tailored to meet your desires and the specific needs of your property."
I Fly by night and general run of the mill services more often than not lack the necessary expertise required to maintain healthy landscapes and at times can do more harm than good. At Eva’s Garden Design our clients are able to sit back and truly enjoy the hassle free satisfaction that comes with a well-kept landscape and a steeped level of service excellence that exceeds expectations.
Our extensive landscape management solutions range from weekly, bi-weekly and monthly plans which are uniquely tailored and flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients.
To further promote growth longevity, colour and variation we offer a full spectrum of seasonal programmes and treatments in spring, autumn and winter for a landscape that looks inviting, harmonious and attractive all year round.
Maintenance services:
• Full lawn care services & seasonal aeration applications.
• Quality lawn dressing & top soiling to cure unevenness or introduce earthly nutrients.
• Debris clean-up & weed control.
• Top dressing & seeding.
• Composting & fertilisation of beds.
• Plant splitting & cultivating.
• Floral maintenance.
• Herbicides & disease identification control.
• Pruning of roses & trees.
• Trimming & shaping of hedges and shrubs.
• Tree felling & stump removal.
• General earthworks.
• Water feature, pond, stream & >swimming pool cleaning and maintenance.
Our maintenance services extend too to once-off and tidy up solutions for the likes of vacant rental houses in the process of a switch over to prospective new tenants or properties intended to put on the market, we’ll come in and assist you in rejuvenate these existing landscapes and getting them back into shape.