Lighting Up

‘We view landscape lighting as far more than just a selection of fixtures; it’s a subtle form of artistry that should never be overdone. The purpose of a pleasing lighting scheme is to merely add a touch of iridescent beauty by drawing attention to prized landscape elements and architectural features together, into one perfectly cohesive design.’
When done, there are few things in life that compare to the sheer sensation of seeing your dream landscape come to life. So why not make the best of what you’ve got by adding a whole new perspective long after the sun has set when, with a simple flick of a switch we’ll show you how to roll back the dark dullness of night and put it all on display.
• Perfectly angled back lighting strategically hidden behind rocks and plants creates a subtle glow and gentles splashes of light that effortlessly enhances the texture of the bark of an age old tree, grand foliage, a rose garden or even a stone wall.
• Transform a statue, attractive water feature, elegant pot plant or urn into a glowing focal point with the gentle silhouettes of up lighters or make a real statement and bath them in a pool of ethereal moonlight beamed down from a tree canopy.
• Incorporate ground lighting to attractively illuminate steps and pathways while providing a safe, well lit walkway or decorative lighting for the perfect glow of evening ambiance while creating an inviting space to entertain and relax.
• Beyond the standard option of electricity power to light up your landscape we are able to further advice and assist you with environmentally friendly energy-saving alternatives with the integration of solar-powered landscape lighting options or fibre optic systems
Lighting up…
With just a few well-chosen and carefully placed fittings, there’s no limit to the effects that we can achieve in creating an enchanting post-sunset landscape atmosphere…